Vision & Mission


  1. The vision of the great donor Sri. Malladi Satyalinga Naciker was to impart free education to the needy and neglected citizens of our society.
  2. To make them self-reliant in both vocational and academic fields.
  3. To usher in and egalitation society beyond caste distinction.
  4. Conduct academic programmes to fulfil the donor’s dream of  “Education for All”


  1. Enrich the students to meet the challenges.
  2. Nurture talents to achieve the academic excellence.
  3. Encourage the young lads to be self – reliant.
  4. Acquit with New innovations through emerging technology apart from traditional methods.
  5. Empower the students to strengthen their rational and analytical skills
  6. Inculcate Patriotic fervour, Brother hood and Ethical Values
  7. Wider the student horizon’s to explore beyond class room education

Goals :

  1. The College strives to impart quality education and mould the students into responsible and responsive citizens.
  2. The goal of the institution is to create social sensitivity along with individual empowerment.

Objectives :

  1.     To make our students well accomplished in their skills in tune with the changing demands and trends.
  2.     To provide an honest academic ambience for realization of academic achievements.