Criteria – II Teaching-learning and Evaluation

2.2: Catering to Student Diversity

2.3: Teaching- Learning Process
  • 2.3.1: Student centric methods, such as experiential learning, participative learning and problem solving methodologies are used for enhancing learning experiences
  • 2.3.4: Innovation and creativity in teaching-learning
    • Teaching Dairies
    • Lesson Plans

2.5: Evaluation Process and Reforms

  • 2.5.1: Reforms in Continuous Internal Evaluation(CIE) system at the institutional level
    • Internal Marks Register
  • 2.5.3: Mechanism to deal with examination related grievances is transparent, time-bound and efficient
    • Internal Marks Register
  • 2.5.4: The institution adheres to the academic calendar for the conduct of CIE

2.6: Student Performance and Learning Outcomes

  • 2.6.1: Program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes for all programs offered by the Institution are stated and displayed on website and communicated to teachers and students
    • Course Outcomes
  • 2.6.2: Attainment of program outcomes, program specific outcomes and course outcomes are evaluated by the institution