About Naicker

Sri Malladi Satya Lingam Naicker –An Illiterate Educationist,  born in 1840 at Coringa, a coastal hamlet of fishermen  known for tremendous marine activities,Naiker battled with both penury and tidal waves to scrape a living in his early life. Being independent and progressive in his views, he clashed with the exploitative and authoritarian ways of the rich kalasis aboard the boats. One fine night, he left his uncles`s cargo boat and sneaked into Rangoon in search of independent livelihood. He changed jobs-a Kalasi, a boat-builder and then a contractor for supply of workers to the British rice mills and naval yards at various places like’PASINDAH’.He settled in kakinada and executed will on 20 September, 1912. He donated Rs 8 lakh towards a charitable trust and wished the trustees to start a school with instruction in technical subjects. Besides making provision for poor feeding for morethan 200 pupils everyday from 1915; the choultry attached to the school, he handed over the trust 40 acres of land for the maintenance. He established a `Vedapatasala` under the tutelage of profound vedic scholars. Dr.Yellapragada Subba Row hailed as  in one of the most eminent medical  minds of the century by the Newyork Herald Tribune received financial assistance from M.S.N. Chariries and later became world famous for his presentation of Tetracycline.  A school meant for imparting instruction in handicrafts, textlile fabric and pottery was established in 1927. In 1945, the management donated a 10 acres land, for the establishment of an industrial school i.e., Polytechinic. The lease was for a term of 99 years with a nominal rent of Rs 1/- per annum. A junior cpllege with Arts, commerce, Science groups was established in 1969. While a degree college with Arts and later with commerce (1971) and science (1984) was started. The trust also donated a 40 acres land to the A.U.P.G. Extension centre, Kakinada and the P.G. centre was named after the late Sri. Malladi Satya Lingam Naicker.

Every institution cares for recognition of its yeoman services to the cause of Education for which an honest study and evaluation can be made only by an impartial agency like the NAAC. It is, thus, felt that if the NAAC is pleased with the academic potentialities and excellence of the institution, the collage will be graded suitably and further motivated to embark upon introducing new courses suitable for the students of this institution of whom most are economically and socially disadvantaged sections of society.  In brief a good grading by

The NAAC helps the institution  realize the  vision and goals set by the founder `Sri Malldi Satya Lingam Naicker` whose mission was to provide education for all. Those socially and economically backward in society.  It is further hoped that the NAAC team will conduct the study of the pitiably low economic status of the students  belonging to both the upper case and backward classes and assist the management in providing  education for all those disadvantaged sections of society  with out taking into consideration their caste label.

It is no wonder that a lesson dealing with the nobility of character and munificence of this illiterate educationist was prescribed for IX class pupils by the Education Department, A.P.

Appreciative Remarks :

  • ”Sri Malladi Satya Lingam Naicker” whose services to the field of Education are hailed by the eminent Europeans and great Indian Statesmen — President, Giovernors, Educationilists and scholars.
  • To name a few, on 12-2-1953. His Excellency Trivedi (Governor of Andhra Pradesh) was fasinated by the yeoman service of this Great Donar, appreciated the valuable work done.
  • On 31.12.1953 An Eminent Bureaucrat like Sri V.B.Raju, ICS commented that `the Trust of MSN has set a noble example for others to follow`.

               Sri Suri Bhagavantham, Vice Chancellor of  Osmania University and later Scientific Advisor of Ministry of Defence, Government of India hailed the MSN Charities Institution and said `Satya Lingam Naicker is to the Telugu Country what Panchaippa and Changal Naroya are to the Tamil Nadu.

               Eminent Europeans like Wellngdon and W.W.Pearson were all praised the Academic ideals and Educational standards envisioned by the Great Donar, Sri Naicker.